Basic Training Program

The canine basic training program, a ten to fourteen week class, is offered through Edgecombe Community College. This course meets or exceeds standards set by other certifying organizations.

The course through East Coast Canine Inc.® will have each handler paired up with his own canine for the purpose of training. It is the belief of East Coast Canine Inc.® that having each handler involved in the training and maintenance of his canine will produce a top quality team. Having the handler involved in the daily training of the canine sets a strong working bond between the handler and the canine. East Coast Canine Inc.® has set its own certification requirements that exceed standards set by other certifying organizations. East Coast Canine Inc.® believes that a team trained by us will be capable of passing certifications set by any other certifying organization. East Coast Canine Inc.® believes in setting your standards high and working to the highest potential that your team can reach.

The training set by East Coast Canine Inc.® is directed towards the use of the canine by the officer at the agency on a daily basis. Each team will have to will be required to pass standards set  in the areas of:

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  • Obedience

  • Agility

  • Article search

  • Building Search

  • Wood Search

  • Criminal Apprehension

  • Handler Protection

  • Tracking

  • Narcotics

We offer several types of classes:

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When each team graduates from East Coast Canine Inc.® they will be prepared for the realistic world of police canine work. It is our belief to train for reality not for competition.

We also offer a two day in-service program each month through Edgecombe Community College It is not required that you attend both days to get credit. If you want to attend thesein-service classes just click on the in-service icon and it will tell you the dates and times of our next classes. These in-services classes are free to the department and each student will receive continuing education credit.


Replacement guarantee. If, within six months, it is discovered by a certified veterinarian that a canine purchased from East Coast Canine Inc.® has a pre-existing condition that could affect the canines’ performance, it will be replaced free of charge.