Patrol Dog Classes

Under CrawlThese classes are a 10-14 weeks and include the following skills to make a quality successful canine handling team. These teams will be trained and street ready when they leave our training facility.

Basic Obedience- This is completed on and off lead with voice and hand commands.

Agility- This exercise ensures the canine team works together and overcomes all obstacles that they might encounter on the streets while working.

Evidence Search- Searching a given area for property for evidence by airborne scents. The canine will either pick up the article and hand deliver it to you or the canine will give a passive indication.

Tracking/Trailing- The canine will follow a subject from a known point by following the scent left by the fleeing subject over numerous surfaces (grass, gravel, dirt, and pavement). Tracks will be aged from thirty minutes to one hour.

Building Search- The canine and handler will search the building as a team. The handler has full verbal control of the canine at this point. The canine will search, indicate and apprehend the suspect inside the building.

CourseOpen Area Search- The canine is trained to search open areas, wooded areas and locate and apprehend the suspect.

Criminal Apprehension- The canine is trained to assist in apprehending and maintaining an arrest of felons, with only that force which is necessary to affect the arrest, and to protect the handler in life threatening situations.

CourseLegal Aspects- This training is for the handler on keeping and maintaining maintenance and daily training records on the canine. The handler will be taught the requirements necessary for a legal search and establishing probable cause and how to qualify as an expert witness.