Narcotics Detection Training

Narcotic Detection Training

NarcoticsThese classes are 6 week class and include the following skills to make a successful canine team. The narcotics portion of this class will consist of the canine being trained on and will indicate on five odors of narcotics. The odors the canines will be trained on are Marijuana, Cocaine (Powder), Cocaine (Crack), heroin and Methamphetamines.

All teams are trained for realistic and job applications. For this reason all teams go through high levels of obedience where the canine is working on and off lead with hand and voice signals. The team also will be trained in Agility this ensures that the canine team works together and overcomes all obstacles that they might encounter on the streets while working.


Course will include and is not limited to:

Reality Training for the canine team (complete with scenario)

• Identifying and handling of Narcotics (legal and safety precautions)

• Efficient search procedures, prioritizing, safety considerations 

• Maintenance for canine

• Canines Conditioned response to target odors

• Handler indentifying canine alerts

• Search patterns; vehicles, houses, buildings, watercraft, etc.

• Record keeping

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Narcotics (tested on Five odors):

  • Marijuana 

  • Cocaine, Powder 

  • Cocaine, Crack 

  • Methamphetamines

  • Heroin

Legal Aspects - This training is for the handler on keeping and maintaining maintenance and daily training records on the canine. The handler will be taught the requirements necessary for a legal search and establishing probable cause and how to qualify as an expert witness.