Obedience Training

Basic and Advanced In-Home Training Courses

This obedience course offers control of your canine in and around your home, out in public places (beach, down town, vacations). Depending on what level of obedience you wish to obtain, the canine may or may not have a leash.   Each canine is taught commands such as : sit, down, sit & down stay, off (no jumping upon persons you are greating). The heal will be on and off lead depending on the level that you choose. Each level adds more training and more ability for control of your canine.

East Coast Canine Inc. offers three levels of obedience training:

  • Level I – Your canine will be trained on lead obedience. The canine will heal (on loose lead), sit, down and respond to “NO” on command.

  • Level II - This level will include all training in level I, but at level II the canine will do all commands off lead and at a distance of 25 yards.

  • Level III – This level is designed for the owner who wants to have full control over the canine from a distance with verbal commands and hand signals. The canine will respond as in level II with the added hand signals.