TrackingThis course is designed to help your agency in picking the right canine for your departmental needs. In our tracking course the teams is more suited for your city or urban tracking and in our trailing course it is more designed for your rural areas. In our tracking courses we are more focused on the canine working on hard surfaces due to the area that your team is working in. Hard surface tracking is the most difficult for the canine and the handler. This requires daily regimen of training that will assist your canine in mastering the ability to track on hard surfaces. The handlers has to be able to read and understand what the canine is doing while on hard surfaces. Some of the topics covered in this area but not limited to:




  • Tracking

  • Trailing

  • Makeup of the scent trail

  • Environment and the scent trail

  • Scent discrimination

  • Canine and Reading the Canine

  • Use Scent articles

  • Use of your cover officers

  • Reading trail sign

  • Maintenance training

  • Record keeping