About the Instructors:

Tim Braddy

Timothy Wade Braddy
Instructor/Training Director

Tim is a member of the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and is a Certified Regional Trainer through the USPCA. Tim has attended numerous schools dealing with canine handling including:

  • Drug enforcement for K-9 patrol officers

  • Legal topics for police service dogs

  • Fugitive manhunt

  • K-9 officer survival

  • Drug interdictions for K-9 patrol officers

  • Hidden compartment training

  • Canine instructor training

Tim is the founder and President of East Coast Canine Inc.® established in 2006. He is a veteran law enforcement officer having served 22 years in the Twin County area. Tim began his Law Enforcement career in 1990 and was one of the first Canine officers in his department. In 1992 Tim, along with four other officers, were selected to be the department's first canine officers. Tim attended his first canine school in Angier North Carolina through Mid-Atlantic Canine under instructor R.O. Rogers. After attending a fourteen week class with his canine, "Sheriff", they worked on the streets as a canine team for eleven years.

Upon the retiring of his canine in 2002, Tim started training with reputable K9 Training kennels in Eastern North Carolina. In 2004 he became the training coordinator for the his Law Enforcement agency and attended Mid-Atlantic Canine for his Instructor training. At the department he was responsible for the training of five canine teams. He also began providing in-service training through Edgecombe Community College. Tim now provides in-service training for other Law Enforcement agencies.

Over the years, Tim has hosted several schools where he has brought in instructors from other states including Tennessee, Detroit, Florida and Michigan. The schools have ranged from Narcotics Detection, Canine Officer Survival, Building Searches, Area Searches, Fugitive Manhunt, Tracking and Legal Seminars.

Tim has also trained numerous canines for other kennels, often working other highly recognized trainers. Canines Tim has trained are working patrol dogs in agencies in the states of Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.



Chris Hicks

Chris Hicks
Assistant Trainer

Chris Hicks began his career in law enforcement in 1994 as a patrol officer in the twin county area. He was selected to be a member of his department’s canine unit in 1996. Chris attended Mid-Atlantic canine and was instructed by R.O. Rogers. After graduating from Mid-Atlantic Canine Chris became a member of the United States Police Canine Association. Chris has worked two Canine partners in his career and has attended several USPCA trials. Chris has worked with Tim Braddy as an assistant trainer and has help in training several Police canines for other agencies. Chris has attended numerous seminars dealing with suspect apprehension, narcotics, legal updates and tracking.




Sgt. Keith Morris

Sgt. Keith Morris
Assistant Trainer

Sgt. Keith Morris was employed with the Tarboro Police dept. in 1993. November of 1996, Sgt. Morris was promoted to K9 handler, where he still serves in this position today. During this time, Sgt. Morris has attended 2 Mid Atlantic K9 schools instructed by R.O. Rogers.

Sgt.Morris is currently a K9 Sergeant in the Tarboro Police Department patrol division. Sgt. Morris has been a special operations Sgt working with the Tarboro police swat team. He is currently a USPCA member and has attended and certified nationally at ten K9 trials. Sgt. Morris is currently in the process to become a USPCA regional judge.

Sgt. Morris has assisted Tim Braddy with training numerous K9 teams for other law enforcement agencies, as well as assisting with regular in-service training.

Sgt. Morris has attended and completed the following classes:

  • Narcotics and record keeping

  • K9 reality problem solving

  • K9 officer survival

  • K9 tracking seminar

  • K9 decoy and aggression

  • Tactical survival skills

  • Basic swat

  • K9 narcotics seminar

Sgt. Morris also holds a B.S. in Sociology and an Associates degree in criminal justice, and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement certificate in the State of North Carolina.

From 1996 until 2004, Sgt. Morris’s partner was K9 Sabre. Sabre helped the Tarboro police department bring home first place three times in team competition during the USPCA region 2 trials. Sabre retired in 2004.

Sgt. Morris’s current partner is K9 Santos. Santos graduated top dog from Mid Atlantic K9. Santos won case of the quarter in 2005 in region 2 for locating over 100 grams of marijuana in a hidden compartment while assisting the N.C. Highway Patrol on a traffic stop. K9 Santos has competed and certified twice at the USPCA trials.

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